Center for Innovation in Population Health Seeks Director

September 10, 2018



The University of Kentucky (UK) Center for Innovation in Population Health (CIPH) is a new transdisciplinary campus-wide Center, that will build health in the Commonwealth through community-engaged research and collaborations by creating population health solutions that serve as a model to other communities. As a catalyst of positive change for population health, the Center will focus on collaborative initiatives that align medical, business, social, and public health approaches to health improvement through partnerships with researchers, practitioners, providers, health systems, and communities.


CIPH seeks a world-class population health researcher and leader with an accomplished academic and research background, who is dedicated to exploring the policies and forces that shape the health and well-being of populations. This individual will be a preeminent scholar with a strong funding and publication track record, along with demonstrated ability to collaboratively develop meaningful, innovative, and impactful community-engaged research. The individual will also have administrative experience, leading collaborative teams through interdisciplinary work. The Director will be expected to provide significant leadership within the UK College of Public Health and to facilitate collaborations within the University of Kentucky, the Commonwealth, and beyond.


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