Managerial experience in a healthcare setting is an essential component of the health administration educational process.  Administrative internships provide the student with the opportunity to apply the theories and techniques discussed in the classroom to operational healthcare situations under the guidance of an experienced health care professional with faculty oversight.

This sharing of educational responsibility between the professional school and experienced healthcare administrators is necessary to assure the quality of professional education.  This is particularly true when the goal is acquisition of operational skills through real-life experiences in settings outside the classroom.

A positive administrative internship does not happen by chance, but has to be carefully planned and implemented.  It requires active commitment to the concept of the internship on the part of the faculty, preceptors/sites, and students.  Only in this manner can effective mechanisms for collaborative efforts by all concerned be maintained.

  • All students without significant administrative experience must complete a 400-hour administrative internship.  This can be done on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Students with clinical experience, but no administrative experience, also complete a 400-hour administrative internship.  This work can be in the same organization in which the student is employed.  Senior management will often allow a student to take on additional administrative projects in the organization.
  • Students with administrative experience may develop an administrative internship within their own organization that requires activities beyond their existing job responsibilities.
  • With the written approval of the Director of Graduate Studies, students with significant administrative experience may take an additional 3-credit course in lieu of the internship.
  • Credit for the internship includes participation in monthly seminars that provide students with important information to prepare them for their field experience.

Students should refer to the Administrative Internship Handbook for details on requirements and processes to complete a successful experiential learning experience.   The Administrative Internship Handbook is distributed at a meeting called by the Internship coordinator to begin the planning process during the spring semester and is also available from the Internship Coordinator.