Frequently Asked Questions

I have (changed my name | taken a new job | moved).  How can I update my contact and alumni information?

Please contact Senior Alumni Coordinator, Jillian Faith, or complete the “Keep in Touch” form found here.

I’m interested in being a preceptor for a graduate student. How can I learn more about that process?

We enjoy connecting our students to alumni in the field. You may complete the interest form here or contact Jillian Faith, Senior Alumni Coordinator, with questions.

My employer is requesting verification of attendance and graduation.  Who can I contact?

Official Transcript requests for College of Public Health graduates are processed through the Office of the Registrar.

Please contact Britt Allen, Director of Student Affairs, for more specific requests.

My employer is hiring.  I would like to share this opportunity with UKCPH alumni.

Job postings are shared in the “University of Kentucky College of Public Health” LinkedIn group.  Please send the job posting information to Jillian Faith.

I just moved. How do I find out if there are other College of Public Health alumni in my area?

You can find alumni in your area though a variety of channels. A full list of UK Alumni Clubs located around the country can be found here. You may also check out the “University of Kentucky College of Public Health” LinkedIn group or contact Jillian Faith, Alumni Coordinator for the College of Public Health with specific requests.

I’d like to visit the College of Public Health. How do I schedule a tour?

Please contact Jillian Faith, Alumni Coordinator, to plan your visit.

I’d like to make a donation to the College of Public Health. How do I do that?

Information about giving to the College of Public Health can be found here. For specific instructions or questions about giving, please contact Shelley Ward, Director of Philanthropy for the College of Public Health.