Epidemiology Seminar Series - Ted Smith

Jan 16, 2020 to Jan 16, 2020


Epidemiological asthma research has relied upon self-reported symptoms or healthcare utilization data, and used the residential address as the primary location for exposure. These data sources can be temporally limited, spatially aggregated, subjective and burdensome for the patient to collect. The AIRLouisville Project demonstrated the value of “citizens as sensors” in a new approach to population health research that combines community engagement and public policy by design. Dr Smith will share highlights of the project as well as its connection to the broader landscape of environmental and social determinants of health in Louisville. The talk will also introduce the Green Heart Project which is one community-level approach to address ambient air pollution and associated disease risk.


Ted Smith, PhD

Deputy Director
Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute
Associate Professor
Environmental Medicine
University of Louisville


Sponsored by the UK Department of Epidemiology and UK Center for Appalachian Research in Environmental Sciences.