The Migrant Outreach Program-KCHIP Hosting the Migrant Network Coalition Monthly Meeting

Nov 1, 2021 to Nov 1, 2021


The Migrant Outreach for the Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program (KCHIP) is hosting the Migrant Network Coalition (MNC) virtual monthly meeting. Each meeting features an informational speaker, discussion of current trends affecting immigrant and refugee communities in the Bluegrass, organizational updates, and networking opportunities with other community leaders and organizations. The next is scheduled for Monday, November 1st, 2021 at noon, which will be the fourth meeting.


This month, Laura Beard, Senior Coordinator for Family Engagement from The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence will be the special guest speaker. Laura will speak about the academic recovery and student’s academic achievement, the steps to overcome school close outs during the pandemic, supporting families and youth, community outreach and services. Laura was invited by Wendi Keene, Co-Chair of the MNC.


Since 1983, the Prichard Committee has worked to study priority issues, inform the public and policy makers about best practices and mobilize citizens, business leaders, families, students, and other stakeholders in a shared mission to move Kentucky to the top tier of all states for education excellence and equity for all children, from their earliest years through postsecondary education.


The MNC, since 1994, has been a broad-based coalition of public and private organizations and individuals networking to meet the wide range of needs of our diverse immigrant communities in the state of Kentucky. They seek to improve services for immigrants and refugees by providing community education, raising awareness about barriers to equal community participation, and sharing information along with service providers and with the community at large through a network of nonprofit organizations.


Victoria Garcia-Davis, representing the Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health department at the University of Kentucky's College of Public Health, is the Migrant Outreach Program Director and the principal investigator (PI) for the Migrant Outreach for The Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program (KCHIP) grant. Currently serving on the MNC board of directors and also a member since 2001, Victoria is passionate about contributing to an inclusive community for outreach and network opportunities in helping overcome barriers and health disparities that impact migrant and Hispanic Latino immigrants and populations.


Please send an email to Victoria Garcia-Davis at to attend the meeting and if interested in joining the Migrant Network Coalition as a member.