Lecture Series: Paul Scheet, Ph.D "Detectable Clonal Mosaicism and Cancer Risk"

Dec 2, 2021 to Dec 2, 2021

UK College of Public Health Biostatistics and Epidemiology students and faculty are invited to this seminar featuring Paul Scheet, Ph.D. on the topic of "Detectable Clonal Mosaicism and Cancer Risk". The University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center is a co-host of this seminar.


What IPH (if) You Could Find Your Ideal Psychotherapy Treatment Before Seeing a Therapist?

Nov 2, 2021 to Nov 2, 2021


The What IPH (if) Seminar Series is hosted by the Center for Innovation in Population Health, University of Kentucky. Our goal with the What IPH series is to present innovative ideas that can apply to the public health space. We invite all those that are interested in this topic to attend this free event.


Dr. Abigail Shoben Properties of Multiphase Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trials

Sep 23, 2021 to Sep 23, 2021

Stepped wedge cluster randomized trials are often used studying health care and public health interventions. Such designs are often appealing because all clusters eventually receive the intervention. However, many of these cluster-level interventions have multiple components, which have traditionally been implemented and tested as part of a single “package of interventions,” which leaves open the question of which components may be most effective. The multiphase stepped wedge design extends stepped wedge trials to test multiple interventions delivered sequentially.

On Sparse Functional Linear Regression for EMG Data Analysis

Jun 25, 2021 to Jun 25, 2021

Robotic hand prostheses require a prosthesis controller to translate electromyogram (EMG) signals into the user’s desired movement. State-of-the-art controllers must undergo extensive training on data from a large number of EMG sensors, whereas a biomechanical model for a single movement degree-offreedom shows that relatively few forearm muscles are needed to explain hand movement. A prosthesis controller based on such a biomechanical model should then require fewer EMG sensors to produce accurate predictions under a broad set of conditions.

Dr. Priya Palta: Physical Activity and Brain Health: Results from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Neurocognitive Study

Apr 8, 2021 to Apr 8, 2021


Click for Zoom link.



Presentation by Dr. Priya Palta, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Medical Science at Columbia University




Epidemiology & Biostatistics Joint Lecture Series: Dr. Erin Abner

Feb 25, 2021 to Feb 25, 2021


Zoom link: https://cph.uky.edu/EpiBstSeminar


“Epidemiology in the era of social media: science communication, networking, and learning”

Kentucky Public Health Association Annual Conference

Apr 21, 2021 to Apr 23, 2021

This conference brings together public health professionals from across the Commonwealth and surrounding states with the common goal of giving public health practitioners the best continuing education opportunities available anywhere, all from the comfort of their own homes. Stop by the University of Kentucky Virtual Booth to learn about our programs and ways to get involved in the College!  Click here to register.

Epidemiology & Biostatistics Joint Lecture Series: Dr. Rachel Kember

Jan 28, 2021 to Jan 28, 2021

Zoom link: https://uky.zoom.us/j/82435668742


No RSVP required.


A Non-Parametric Survival Estimation Method for Depending Competing Risk: An Application in Relative Survival Analysis

Dec 3, 2020 to Dec 3, 2020




Reducing Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Estimation

Nov 12, 2020 to Nov 12, 2020