Global Health Case Competition

Nov 6, 2021 to Nov 6, 2021

The Fall 2021 Virtual Global Health Case Competition is an innovative student competition that rallies graduate and undergraduate students from across UK to form interdisciplinary teams that develop strategies to address a critical global health challenge.


These strategies are presented to a panel of judges and the top team will be awarded $1500.00, in addition to receiving an invitation to represent UK at Emory University's 2022 International Case Competition.

"See What's Possible in Public Health" Virtual Events For Prospective Students

November 02, 2021

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The University of Kentucky's College of Public Health, where "health champions" are made, invites prospective students from all academic and professional backgrounds in Kentucky (and beyond) to the upcoming "See What's Possible in Public Health" Virtual Info Session to learn more and ask questions about the Master of Health Administration (MHA)Master of Public Health (MPH), and applicable graduate certification programs.


Prospective candidates will learn more about making a positive impact in the public health space and the unique deliverables of the UK College of Public Health. In addition, candidates will receive the right balance of information and inspiration about the college, student and academic life, success stories, and admissions requirements. Candidates will also get the opportunity to interact with faculty, alumni, and current students.


"We are excited to offer these events as an opportunity for students to learn more about our community and the value of being a leader in public health," says Donna Arnett, Dean of the UK College of Public Health. "Developing and building health champions is why we are here, and we look forward to helping more students impact the world through our programs."


Info sessions are announced for Monday, Nov. 15 and Tuesday, Dec. 7 from 6 to 7 p.m. (EST). Registration can be found at


Lecture Series: Paul Scheet, Ph.D "Detectable Clonal Mosaicism and Cancer Risk"

Dec 2, 2021 to Dec 2, 2021

UK College of Public Health Biostatistics and Epidemiology students and faculty are invited to this seminar featuring Paul Scheet, Ph.D. on the topic of "Detectable Clonal Mosaicism and Cancer Risk". The University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center is a co-host of this seminar.


Global Health Lecture: Dr. Perry Sheffield's “Climate Changes Health”

Nov 5, 2021 to Nov 5, 2021

Join us for a Global Health Lecture, “Climate Changes Health” given by Dr. Perry Sheffield from the New York Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Dr. Sheffield is significantly involved in efforts to study the effects of environment on health and social justice, particularly for children.


The presentation will be virtual on November 5, from 12-1 pm. Register Here!


What IPH (if) You Could Find Your Ideal Psychotherapy Treatment Before Seeing a Therapist?

Nov 2, 2021 to Nov 2, 2021


The What IPH (if) Seminar Series is hosted by the Center for Innovation in Population Health, University of Kentucky. Our goal with the What IPH series is to present innovative ideas that can apply to the public health space. We invite all those that are interested in this topic to attend this free event.


National Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month Meet & Greet

Oct 15, 2021 to Oct 15, 2021


The University of Kentucky's College of Public Health is co-sponsoring the upcoming National Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month Meet & Greet event, which will be put on by the Martin Luther King Center in collaboration with other campus partners and student organizations.


At this event, network with other Latinx/Hispanic faculty and staff, sign up for an official affinity group, enjoy refreshments and entertainment, and much more.


Dr. Heather Shappell: Improved state change estimation in dynamic functional connectivity using hidden semi-Markov models

Oct 21, 2021 to Oct 21, 2021


The study of functional brain networks has grown tremendously over the past decade. Most functional connectivity (FC) analyses assume that FC networks are stationary across time. However, there is interest in studying changes in FC over time. Hidden Markov models (HMMs) are a useful modeling approach for FC; however, a severe limitation is that HMMs assume the sojourn time (number of consecutive time points in a state) is geometrically distributed. This encourages state switches too often.


See What's Possible in Public Health Virtual Info Session

Nov 15, 2021 to Nov 16, 2021

Register Here!


Design and Analysis of School-Based Violence Prevention Cluster Randomized Trials

Aug 11, 2021 to Aug 11, 2021

Description Interpersonal violence such as teen dating violence is a severe public health problem. Teen dating violence, including sexual violence (unwanted sexual contacts or activities), physical and psychological dating violence, sexual harassment, and stalking, affects high school students' physical and mental health and academic achievement in the United States. Acceptance of dating violence is linked to psychological abuse perpetration in the future, depression, anxiety, and hostility.

Dissertation Defense~Investigations into the Genetics of Mixed Pathologies in Dementia

Jul 23, 2021 to Jul 23, 2021

Description Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that leads to a loss of memory and thinking skills. While tremendous progress has been made in our understanding of the genetics underlying AD, currently known genetic variants explain only approximately 30% of the heritable risk of developing AD. One hurdle to AD research is that it can only be definitively diagnosed at autopsy, making cruder, clinic-based diagnoses more common.