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Graduate education is a rigorous undertaking, and a serious investment in your future. At the University of Kentucky College of Public Health, we prepare our graduate students for careers in public health, academia, health care administration, research, and advocacy. Offering five options for graduate degrees—plus interdisciplinary dual degrees, graduate certificates, and residency programs—we are dedicated to helping our students accomplish their goals in a way that works for them. Our breadth is our strength, and our location on the UK central campus, just adjacent to the UK HealthCare clinical campus, promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and opportunity for our students

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Graduate Education Programs

Master of Health Administration

The degree of choice for health system leaders, and the longest CAHME-accredited MHA in Kentucky

Master of Public Health

CEPH-accredited, with customizable concentrations in topics relevant to population health today

PhD in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Preparing professionals for a career in research and clinical trials in academia, government, or industry

PhD in Gerontology

A highly customizable doctoral program producing experts on issues in our aging society
Dual Degrees, Residency Programs, and Graduate Certificates

Dual Professional Degrees

Programs within CPH and in partnership with the UK Colleges of Pharmacy, Medicine, and Law

Residency Programs

ACGME-accredited residencies in Occupational and General Preventive Medicine

Graduate Certificates

Available to students in CPH graduate programs, other UK programs, or as standalone credentials

Meet Your New Hometown

Arts, culture, food, and the great outdoors: Lexington has it all.

Graduate and Family Housing

Explore on-campus housing options for graduate students and families.

Off-Campus Housing Finder

Find rentals in the campus and greater Lexington area (website not managed by the University of Kentucky).