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$1.08 Million from NIH to Study Alzheimer's Disease Mimic

June 10, 2019

Photo of David Fardo

A new project funded by the National Institutes of Health and based at the University of Kentucky will focus on a particularly prevalent subtype of non-Alzheimer’s dementia known as hippocampal sclerosis dementia – or cerebral age-related TDP-43 with sclerosis (CARTS). Non-Alzheimer’s causes of dementia are common but little-understood diseases.


Dr. David Fardo, associate professor of Biostatistics at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health and faculty affiliate at the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, is principal investigator of the project "Genomic Architecture of a Key Alzheimer’s Disease Mimic: CARTS", funded by $1.08 million from the National Institutes of Health.


“Understanding better the biological mechanisms that underlie complex diseases of brain aging can aid in the ability to diagnose disease early, track disease progression, and identify drug targets for treatment. The genetic knowledge to be garnered from this proposal is critical to discover and refine risk factors and the associated biological mechanisms of diseases of brain aging,” writes Fardo.



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