MPH Alum Publishes on Impact of COVID-19 on Older People Living with HIV

May 25, 2020

Angel AlgarinAngel Algarin (MPH/Epidemiology 2017) is first and corresponding author of “Symptoms, Stress, and HIV-Related Care Among Older People Living with HIV During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Miami, Florida,” published in AIDS and Behavior.


Algarin, who is is currently a doctoral student at Florida International University, told WLRN Radio in Miami that he and his team were originally running a clinical trial focused on the potential impact of tai chi and qigong practice on older adults living with HIV in Miami. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced investigators to suspend the trial, the team pivoted to conducting survey research with participants focused on COVID-19 symptoms, testing, and continuance of HIV care. Their findings – that participants continued HIV care through telehealth, that increased stress levels impacted the participant group, and that suspension of the initial trial impacted participants in unforeseen ways – pave the way for future policy considerations.


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