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If your site has an an announcement for a student volunteer or student practicum opportunity that you would like us to list, please complete this form and our office will contact you for additional information.  


Volunteer opportunities are typically short-term positions (a day-long event or generally less than 1-2 days) that allow students to briefly experience working in the field.  These are often made available to students of all degree types (bachelors, masters, or doctoral) and can range from staffing health fairs and other events to helping with brief data collection.  If the activity or duties you have are most appropriate for a masters or doctoral student,, you may want to consider whether your position might be appropriate for a practicum - see below.


MPH and DrPH students are required to complete a field practicum experience. This experience may be completed through a variety of activities at a wide range of sites.  Because the potential for placements is so broad, there is not a specific set of criteria for eligible positions but we have provided some guidelines below to help our community partners decide if their opportunity could meet the needs of a practicum student.

  • Students must complete a minimum of 200 field hours.  Students may complete hours all at once or gradually across the span of several months depending on the needs of the student and the site.
  • Students require a preceptor - someone who will supervise the students' activities and facilitate learning in the field
  • Students should develop three to five learning competencies in their degree field.

Please remember, your request will be reviewed before it is posted. If you are not sure whether your opening qualifies as a practicum, provide as much detail on the position as possible and the Office of Practice and Experiential Education will follow up with you if necessary.

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