We work diligently to ensure our faculty, staff, and students have access to up-to-date policies, procedures, and forms. If you have questions about a policy or form, please feel free to contact the Business Office. Please submit all HR, purchase, SAG, and travel requests through the CPH Request Portal.

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Purchasing and Travel - CPH Support Ticket

Room Reservations - AD Astra
How to Use the College of Public Health Request Form in Ad Astra [pdf]

Conference line reservations - mknich2@uky.edu

Grants - cphgrants@uky.edu

Human Resources - Linda Williams

Facilities - Amber Moreland

Visitor Parking at Research Building 1 -  Marla Spires

Faculty Affairs - Becki Flanagan

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We are proudly supported by UK HealthCare Information Technology. Todd Sharp is the UK HealthCare IT Field Service Analyst assigned to CPH.