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The MHA degree program is committed to preparing individuals for roles in a healthcare environment whose hallmark will be continuous change and multiple challenges. These complex challenges will create growing opportunities for persons with the knowledge, skills, and creativity to address them successfully.

The MHA Program is competency-based. Each course exposes students to a specific set of skills and abilities. Within each course, students demonstrate their progress becoming proficient with the prescribed competencies. We layer these skills over the curriculum to allow for practice, feedback, and development over time.

The competency model assures we are targeting the most relevant set of skills, and is reviewed regularly so it aligns with industry needs.

Student Association

The MHA Student Association (MHASA) elects officers annually, and is very active in leading academic, charitable and social opportunities for students. The MHASA organized a welcome event for the first-year students prior to the start of the fall semester along with sharing information during orientation. For interested first-year students, second-year MHA students serve as mentors answering questions and providing information on the UK/Lexington community. Every year, the MHASA coordinates service events with outside organizations, such as the Ronald McDonald House, Big Blue Crush/Slam, Saint Joseph Foundation STARS Gala, Keeneland, and much more.

2021 - 2022


Each year a number of our students compete for and receive highly competitive postgraduate fellowship opportunities.

“Students should get involved with the student association because it is an opportunity to create change and grow in community with those striving to drive healthcare forward.”

- Corbin Kirksey


“Students should get involved in MHASA because it’s a great way to get to know other students, participate in volunteer events, and gain leadership experience!”

- Tharunika Venkatesan

“Students should become involved with MHASA to enhance all aspects of their graduate school experience. MHASA provides members with many professional development, service, and networking opportunities that help shape future careers in healthcare leadership, while also providing members social opportunities that build friendships within the program.”

- Becca Rawlings

“Being part of Student Association is the next step in making connections for your future.”

- Shelby Watkins

Access to a Broad Alumni Base

  • Alumni Council: recent alumni serve on our Alumni Council and interact with students beginning with Program onboarding
  • Interview and Case Competition Preparation: Alumni participate in group and individual preparation during the Fall Interview Bootcamp, Case Competition Professional Development, and 1:1 advising sessions based on student interests.
  • Alumni Placed Across the U.S.: Alumni connect students and give advice for internships, fellowships, and post-graduate placements - all they have to do is reach out!
  • Dedicated to supporting the UK MHA Students - alumni are always answering the call and showing their support for developing our current students and then they give back once they graduate.