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Starting September 1, 2023, the CPH Office of Research will require the CPH principal investigators to notify the CPH Office of Research of their intent to submit a research proposal at least twenty (20) business days before the sponsor’s submission deadline [at least thirty (30) business days for complex grants; CPH defines a grant as a “complex” if it involves a subaward or totals more than $5 million].

To notify the CPH Office of Research, investigators should use the CPH Proposal Submission Intake Form available on the CPH website or directly accessible here.

  • The 20-business day rule (30-business days for complex grants) is required to ensure adequate time for budget development and meeting the CPH and the UK Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) deadlines for electronic proposal submission.

Important Submission Milestones (see the graphic at the bottom)

  • 20 business days before submission deadline (30 business days for complex grant proposals): Proposal Intake Form is due to initiate budget development, proposal checklist, and proposal package development timeline.
  • 8 business days before submission deadline: Materials for eIAF (electronic Internal Approval Form) initiation are due to the CPH Office of Research.
  • 5 business days before submission deadline: Complete final proposal package is due to the CPH College Grant Officer (CGO).
  • 3 business days before submission deadline: Complete proposal package approved by the CPH CGO and a completely routed and approved eIAF are due to the UK OSPA.

Submission Requirements and Rules to Meet Submission Milestones

  1. CPH requires principal investigators to submit the complete and final proposal package to the appropriate CPH CGO five (5) business days before the electronic proposal submission deadline listed by the sponsor. CPH has two CGOs assigned as follows:

    • Jeff Kurz – Health Behavior and Society, Health Management and Policy, KIPRC; and
    • Krys Lynam – Epidemiology, Biostatistics, IPH-C.
  2. The CGO-reviewed and -approved final proposal package accompanied by a fully approved eIAF must be sent by the CPH CGO to the appropriate Research Administrator (RA) in the UK OSPA at least three (3) business days before the sponsor’s deadline. Proposals that do not meet the OSPA’s 3-business day deadline are deemed “late” and prioritized after proposals that have met deadline requirements. Proposals not received by OSPA until the day of the submission require permission from the CPH Associate Dean for Research to be submitted.
  3. The CPH Office of Research requires the eIAF to be initiated at least eight (8) business days before the sponsor’s deadline for electronic proposal submission. The IAF includes documents that ensure consistency with the sponsor and the UK guidelines. To initiate an IAF, the CPH principal investigator needs to work with the CPH CGO to provide to the CPH Office of Research:
    • a project abstract,
    • a project budget approved by the CPH CGO, including enrichment split calculations,
    • a budget justification,
    • the major goals of the proposal, and
    • a copy of the funding opportunity announcement.
  4. The CPH Office of Research initiates the eIAF. After initiation, the eIAF is routed for signatures to the CGOs of the colleges involved in the proposal, all co-investigators, their department chairs or center directors, and the respective Associate Deans for Research of the involved colleges. The completed and approved eIAF should finish routing to OSPA three (3) business days before the sponsor submission deadline (see additional information on eIAF on the OSPA’s website).
  5. Please, note that when a Letter of Intent (LOI) is required, and the letter requires the listing of a dollar amount estimate (budget), a listed commitment of effort, or a signature from UK, the LOI necessitates the submission of an IAF (including a budget and budget justification even if the sponsor does not require these). That is, the LOI is treated as a proposal submission, requiring the approved IAF to be sent to the UK signing official at least three (3) business days before the LOI is due to the funding agency.
  6. Principal investigators should notify the CPH Office of Research about a potential funding opportunity of interest as soon as they see the funding announcement, even if they are unsure whether they will apply. After completing the CPH Proposal Submission Intake Form, the investigator will receive a confirmation email from the CPH Office of Research. The CPH Office of Research will also reach out to the investigator to schedule a short, 30 min initial meeting with the Office of Research pre-award team and the designated CPH CGO. After the initial meeting, the investigator will receive a complete checklist of the required submission materials and a timeline.
  7. Submitting a proposal is a team effort, and paying attention to timelines recognizes the work and roles we all play in successful submissions. Timelines are not artificial or arbitrary. CGOs need an average of 10 business days to develop a budget for a typical grant proposal without subawards and 20 days for complex grants. The time for budget development includes CGO research regarding the sponsor’s requirements, policies, etc. The CGOs also must work simultaneously on multiple proposals, just-in-time materials, and other support requests. It is the CPH principal investigator’s responsibility to plan accordingly and allow enough time for the development of the materials required for the application submission. Adhering to deadlines is a key part of taking care of our people and actively demonstrates respect for colleagues.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to the CPH Office of Research or the CPH Assistant Dean for Research Operations, Doris Castellanos.


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