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Center for Innovation in Population Health: Building a Culture of Health in Kentucky   The health challenges faced by Kentuckians are daunting. With epidemics of cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, the Commonwealth suffers from...
Public-private partnership aims to connect underserved cancer patients to support through connected technologies According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans living in rural areas are more likely to die of cancer than their counterparts in...
Dr. HeFei Wen Named Recipient of the 2018 John D. Thompson Prize for Young Investigators The Association of University Programs in Health Administration​ (AUPHA) will award the John D. Thompson Prize for Young Investigators to Dr....
Appalachian residents hold different beliefs about behavioral determinants of obesity The populations of many Appalachian communities have high rates of unhealthy body weight, but the residents of the region differ from non-Appalachians in their...
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10.20.18 | (All day)
UK Homecoming
10.03.18 | 12:00pm
Testing a New Terminology System for Health and Social Services Integration (Webinar)
09.19.18 | 12:00pm
Rural-Urban Differences in Delivery Systems for Population Health Activities (Webinar)
08.22.18 | 12:00pm
Classifying Multi-Sectoral, Multi-Organizational Health Communication Networks (Webinar)
08.22.18 | (All day)
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