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The College of Public Health Student Ambassadors are student leaders in the College who introduce prospective students and visitors to the University of Kentucky and programs. In addition, ambassadors work with current, first-year students to foster a sense of belonging and help them transition to the university.

We want all our students to feel (and find) a sense of belonging, purpose, and passion for public health through our activities, events, programming, academics, community involvement, and more. With the support and efforts of our student ambassadors, we are able to build better relationships with our student body at the College of Public Health and the University of Kentucky.

Ashley Duff

Email Address:

Hometown: Lawrenceburg, KY

Future Plans: I’m starting my MPH this year and I plan on applying to medical school after I finish my MPH.

Why I chose to major in Public Health: I didn’t get into the program I wanted to freshman year and I had to choose a different major so I ended up in public health, but it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Favorite Class: CPH 423

Fun Facts: I have a Golden Retriever puppy named Copper!

Olivia Allran

Email Address:

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Future Plans: After obtaining my BPH, I hope to go into the healthcare field by going to dental and medical school. I hope to also obtain my MPH.

Why I chose to major in Public Health: Along with the personal clinical aspect of health, I am very interested in learning about the structural components that can affect a person’s health. I hope to use this knowledge to combat health disparities.

Favorite Class: CPH 201

Fun Facts: I figure skate! I have skated since I was in fourth grade and have always loved it!

Princess Magor Agbozo

Email Address:

Hometown: Ghana

Future Plans: To work in Global Health to help underserved communities receive access to quality healthcare.

Why I chose to major in Public Health: I chose to major in Public Health because I want to be able to learn and understand everything that goes into ensuring that people are living healthy lives, as well as having equal and fair access to healthcare!

Favorite Class: CPH 201: Intro. To Public Health

Fun Facts: I have lived in 3 different continents. As a hobby I love to travel whenever I can!

Amaya Garrett

Email Address:

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Future Plans: I plan to obtain my Master in Healthcare Administration to improve the quality of care for each patient that comes into my care.

Why I chose to major in Public Health: I chose public health because I am passionate about creating equitable spaces for people to have the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. When I think about public health, I think about a future where everyone has fair access to health services and programs that enhance their quality of life and reduce the risk for disease.

Favorite Class: CPH203- Sexual Health

Fun Facts: I was born in Puerto Rico!

Vanessa Diaz

Email Address:

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Future Plans: I will most likely come back for my master’s in public health and I am interested in seeking employment at the Kentucky Department of Public Health.

Why I chose to major in Public Health: It was something I had never heard about before but it’s about improving and maintaining the community’s health instead of focusing on a single person; and that is something that I am greatly passionate about, to help my community.

Favorite Class: CPH 350: Introduction to health care organization and policy

Fun Facts: When I was little, I had a pet duck. I am a first generation minority student and I am fluent in Spanish. Any questions that students may have, feel free and super comfortable to reach out to me, I absolutely enjoy helping others in any way I possibly can.

Faith Fursman


Email Address:

Hometown: Elizabethtown, KY

Future Plans: I plan to research cures and transmission of infectious diseases either in a lab or in the field.

Why I chose to major in Public Health: I wanted to be involved in healthcare, but working with patients wasn’t what interested me. Public health gave me the connection to healthcare while also stepping back and looking at bigger pictures instead of individual cases.

Favorite Class: ENT 561

Fun Facts: I have to shave my cat every summer because he overheats (he’s a pretty big Siberian).

Emma Grace Hague

Email Address:

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Future Plans: Attend medical school and become a practicing physician

Why I chose to major in Public Health: I have always been interested in the clinical side of medicine and studying public health gives me the opportunity to expand that interest and apply it to entire communities.

Favorite Class: CPH 201

Fun Facts: My favorite color is yellow!

Jade Forest

Email Address:

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Future Plans: After graduating from the BPH program, I plan on obtaining my MPH in Health Behavior. I see myself using this to work with the adolescent populations, specifically middle and high school students reforming their sexual health and drug education courses.

Why I chose to major in Public Health: Public health indeed chooses me. I changed my major to public health when I realized that my overall passion in the world was to impact this world by helping as much as possible. Public health is just that, allowing me to fluctuate my passions by working with numerous populations.

Favorite Class: My favorite class so far has been CPH201 with Dr. Cprek. It's genuinely been my favorite course because without Dr. Cprek and her course, I would have never developed an understanding and love for public health.

Fun Facts: I have an English bulldog named Jimmy Chew.

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