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The University of Kentucky is one of a few universities in the United States to offer a PharmD/MPH dual degree program. The dual degree program is designed to enable students to obtain both the Doctor of Pharmacy and the Master of Public Health in 4 years, by using the PharmD elective course time efficiently and decreasing the number of credit hours necessary for graduation from 206 to 186.

The PharmD/MPH degree is designed to prepare students to become effective leaders, practitioners, researchers and educators in pharmacy and in public health. The College of Public Health at the University of Kentucky offers a wide breadth of training opportunities to produce graduates that succeed in the challenging public health environment. Students can take advantage of this broad expertise to specialize in:

  • Population Health Policy and Management – the study of the theories and methods required for management of public health organizations; development of health policies and analysis of their effects on costs and access to health care.

The PharmD program in the UK College of Pharmacy includes learning and the practice of health education and prevention of disease, which complements the overall definition of public health and the MPH program. Specific outcomes for students in the PharmD program relating to the public health mission include:

  • Providing public health leadership in community and hospital practice;
  • Promotion of public health through cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification and poison prevention programs;
  • Promotion of public awareness of health and disease through immunization programs;
  • Providing a pharmacist role in a natural or man-made disasters;
  • Provision of drug information and education materials to the public; and
  • Provision of education on health-related topics to health professionals and the public.

PharmD graduates will have a knowledge base in pathophysiology, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapy, pharmacy health-care systems, and pharmacy practice that will enhance the curriculum outcomes of the MPH program. This knowledge, in combination with fundamental public health principles in the five core areas should prepare graduates to make significant contributions to the health of citizens in our state and nation.

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