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Administrative Practicum Positions: Apply what you learn in the classroom to real world situations right away!

With the UK MHA APP Program, students do not have to wait until the summer internship to apply what they are learning. Select full-time students are matcher with healthcare executives every week of the program. Problem-solving, decision-making, competency development, and personal growth are among the benefits of this unique program.

How Does IT Work?

Students who meet the requirements during admissions will be matched with healthcare leaders at a Lexington-based healthcare organization prior to onboarding.

  • Preference for our full-time students with little or no experience
  • ~ 20 hours a week
  • Paid, competitive
  • Preceptors receive competency model education and provide informal and formal (end of semester) feedback to students
  • Specialized professional development opportunities offered by the sponsoring site
  • Currently, UK Healthcare has committed to 15 positions


  • Full-time MHA students
  • Early Decision Preference is given to students who apply, are offered admission, and accept during this early decision timeframe


  • Year 1 = Fall and Spring semesters
  • Year 2 = Fall and Spring semesters
  • Specific schedule shared once admitted and accepted
  • Performance, attendance, and academic performance must all be in good standing to continue into year 2


Here are some of the areas students were placed this year at UK HealthCare.

  • Ambulatory Services
  • Performance Improvement | Quality
  • Finance 
  • External Affairs (outreach, communications, marketing, corporate strategy)
  • Kentucky Children’s Hospital Leadership Team
  • Chandler Medical Center Leadership Team
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Leadership Team
  • Eastern State Hospital Leadership Team | Enterprise Behavioral Health Strategy
  • General Hospital Operations

Student and Process Assessment

  • Students will seek performance feedback on a regular basis
  • Students are responsible for completing organization onboarding and hiring requirements (including vaccinations), monitoring performance requirements, and being engaged, self-directed learners
  • Preceptors complete a competency-based student feedback survey each semester
    • Student Dashboards - preceptor feedback is included each semester
  • Students also provide feedback on the experience
  • The Program Director meets with the leadership team every semester to gain input on curriculum and competency relevance and student competency development. This input is then, funneled back to the program and faculty for consideration

National Public Health Week 2023

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