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Congratulations to you for exploring career options and your interest in the MHA Program here at UK!

  • Applications Open: Mid-August

  • Early Decision Applications Due: November 1st

    • We can include you in this group if transcripts are still pending.

  • Applications Close: April 1st

  • Recommendation Letters and Transcripts: Obtaining these can take a long time (Maybe 4 weeks) - please plan ahead to avoid delays in reviewing your application.

  • Primary Application: Students applying to the Master of Health Administration program must submit a primary application (for the College of Public Health). This is the only application needed until an admissions decision is made.

  • After MHA Program Acceptance: If you are offered MHA Program admission and accept:

    • UK Graduate School Application: After acceptance to the MHA Program students will be directed to submit a supplemental application to the University of Kentucky Graduate School. Do not complete this step or pay the fee until after you are offered and accept admission to the MHA Program.

Information Sessions for Prospective Students - Meet us on Zoom!

Join us to learn more about the MHA Program and ask any and all questions about courses, applications, student experience, internships, our experiential learning framework, and much more!

2024 MHA Application and Admission Cycle

Admission Requirements

Students applying to the Master of Health Administration program must submit a primary application (for the College of Public Health) and a supplemental application (for the University of Kentucky). MHA applicants must apply through the Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS). Refer to the process below for detailed instructions on what and how to prepare.

  • Timeline NOTE: Obtaining documents can take several weeks therefore we strongly recommend you begin the process quite early. An application must be complete to be considered (all documents submitted).
  • SOPHAS: SOPHAS verification process can take a few weeks as well so leave adequate time to meet the deadlines.
  • 3.0 GPA
  • 3 supportive letters of recommendations
  • Graduate of an accredited (or equivalent) undergraduate program
  • Submission of all required materials – link the Applications Checklist
  • Personal Statement per guidelines on SOPHAS

Step 1 - Three letters of recommendation

  • Letters should include at least one previous faculty member, one professional reference, and one of your choice. No family members, please.
  • Submit via the letter writer using SOPHAS or HAMPCAS.
  • Recommendation NOTE: The recommendations should speak specifically about your qualifications to enter an MHA Program. Those that demonstrate your qualities and capabilities will receive stronger consideration. This process can take some time so discuss this with your contacts well in advance. This is often the documents that hold up an application for consideration.

Step 2 - Transcripts

  • Obtain your official current transcripts from ALL previous undergraduate and graduate work. Including any school in which courses transferred.
  • Transcripts NOTE: Not including all schools often holds up your SOPHAS application
  • International Students: International transcripts should be evaluated by WES and submitted to SOPHAS. International applicants must have the equivalent of a U.S baccalaureate degree to be considered for admission.
    • International Students: TOEFL or IELTS scores are required and may take many weeks.

Step 3 - Resume/CV

  • Review and revise your resume so it accurately reflect your experiences and skills as well as academic and volunteer accomplishments.

Step 4 - Personal statement

  • Compose a personal statement that is organized, edited, concise, and clearly answers the questions that have been asked.
  • addressing the following questions:
  • Your statement should be approximately two pages in length, double-spaced, and cover the specific questions found in SOPHAS.
  • Personal Statement NOTE: In addition to the personal statement, if your application is advanced, you will be invited to interview with a panel of faculty and alumni. In preparation, consider pressing healthcare issues, healthcare management challenges, and areas of healthcare of special interest to you.

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MHA Brochure

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MHA Student Handbook

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See the MHA on UK's Academic Exploration Tool.

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