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Collaborate with top public health researchers in the nation.

The UK College of Public Health has a robust research agenda that emphasizes collaboration within our faculty and with external institutions and agencies. We are also home to seven college-based centers. In FY2020, projects led by our faculty received $19.9M in funding from federal, state and private sources to tackle tough issues including: cancer, opioid addiction, environmental health, and health disparities in rural communities, throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and across our nation. Our faculty partner with colleagues across the University of Kentucky, as well as at other research-intensive universities. Being a student means having the opportunity to collaborate with some of the top public health researchers in the nation.

College-Based Research Centers

Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center

An academic injury prevention research center.

Center for Innovation in Population Health

Addressing population health improvement.

CPH By The Numbers


primary award trend. grant dollars awarded to CPH. 18 point 3 million dollars in 2018. 20 point 1 million dollars in 2019. 25 point 4 million dollars in 2020.number of principal investigators increased 23 percent from 2019 to 2020.


collaborations totals. 144,917,913 dollars in 2020. 113,249,909 in 2019. increased 27 percent from 2019 to amount of grant proposals increased 51 percent. 34 in 2018. 47 in 2019. 71 in 2020.


research. number of awards increased 26 percent. number of sponsors increased 33 percent.