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Catalyzing positive change for Public Health.


To develop public health leaders, conduct innovative and impactful research, and collaborate with partners to improve public health in Kentucky and beyond.


Provide impactful education and training programs.

Advance actionable research and creative work in public health.

Build capacity to enhance community engagement in teaching, research, service, and practice.

Integrate Inclusive Excellence through our teaching, research and service.


Academic Excellence

Prepare public health champions to address public health issues efficiently and effectively.


Integrate accountability to internal and external stakeholders in our education, research, and service provided by members of our college.

Community Engagement

Leverage the expertise and resources of our College to engage with each other, empower citizens and mobilize communities to improve public health.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Envision and strive to foster a welcoming, diverse and inclusive environment characterized by open communication, tolerance, inclusiveness, collegiality, and civility.


Embrace an organizational culture that ensures fairness, openness, and collaboration.

Transdisciplinary Discovery

Facilitate rigorous transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaborations to address complex public health issues and problems.


Commit to a culture of honesty, transparency, ethical behavior, in all relationships and activities.

Who is the College of Public Health?

Quality Academic Programs

We offer a suite of competitive, in-demand programs for current and future health champions.

Bachelor of Public Health

Kentucky's only BPH degree accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health.

University Scholars Program

Earn a Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) and Master of Public Health (MPH) in only five years.

Undergraduate Research

Fostering student curiosity and development through mentored, self-directed research work.

Master of Science in Biostatistics

Meeting the needs of candidates who seek careers in healthcare, government health agencies, biomedical research, and pharmaceutical industry.

Master of Health Administration

Placing students in nationally competitive fellowships and jobs makes this program the degree of choice for future health system and hospital leaders.

Master of Public Health

The essential credential for those who seek to lead population health improvement, while offering several concentrations to choose from.

PhD in Health Services Research

Strongly emphasizing applied health services research skills, including study design, data management, statistics and other quantitative methods.

PhD in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Combining the expertise of the epidemiology and biostatistics, this competitive doctorate program prepares graduates for careers as researchers in academia or industry.

Graduate Certificates

As a standalone credential or part of a degree program, graduate certificates enhance your capabilities in specific academic areas including biostatistics, global health, improving healthcare value, and population health.

Dedicated Departments

Connect with our departments’ research experts and passionate leaders in various academic disciplines who are dedicated to your success.


Working with other scientists to collect, analyze, and interpret data for the purpose of building scientific evidence.

Health, Behavior & Society

Focusing on how individual behaviors influence health outcomes, policies that shape health behaviors, and strategies to promote healthier lifestyles.

Health Management & Policy

Conducting innovative health services and systems research, educate the next generation of health-sector leaders and translate knowledge in order to improve health systems and population health.

Epidemiology & Environmental Health

Studying the impact of environmental factors on human health and the distribution, patterns and causes of adverse health outcomes, how to control disease, and prevent poor health.

Successful Careers and Alumni

Your connection to the University of Kentucky College of Public Health doesn’t end at graduation.


Inviting our alumni community to stay connected to us, and each other, along with all of our college and university alumni resources.

Careers & Workforce Development

Preparing our future health champions to be career-ready and supplying our graduates with the right tools, experiences, partnerships, and relationships to make an impact.

A Connected Community

Administration Support Teams

Partner with our valuable resource teams which include Administration & Finance, Staff and Faculty Council, and Marketing & Communications.

Directory Profiles

Access a full list of our faculty and staff here at the College of Public Health. We are here for you!

Diversity Commitment

We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion where everyone belongs here and feels welcomed, supported, and connected.


Centralizing stories, content, and resources available to first-generation students, including programs and student services available across UK’s campus.


Creating a healthier tomorrow by supporting and giving to our mission in building future health champions.

Student Success

Our story begins with our students and have a "students-first" approach to everything we do.

Robust Research

College of Public Health researchers are team scientists collaborating with researchers from other colleges and disciplines within the university as well as nationally and internationally.

Research Office

Public health research aims at advancing knowledge about risk and protective factors (at personal, environmental, and societal levels) that inform policy and interventions to improve population health. 

College-Based Centers

Our centers elevate research priorities in public health such as injury prevention and social determinants of health with the goal of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities.


The college's own magazine.

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