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Students: Are you looking for an opportunity to present work in your field of study and meet helping professionals in the field of healthcare for feedback and networking? If so, read on!

We are excited to announce the 19th annual TCOM Conference – “Lex Go! Pop Health”- taking place on October 4-6, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Lexington, in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky.

To learn about the conference or to register, please visit:

About the Conference

The Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) Annual Conference is a premier event in the healthcare industry, focused on person-centered care and collaborative approaches to improving patient outcomes management. Bringing together helping professionals from around the world to share ideas and discuss the latest advancements in the field, the conference provides an invaluable opportunity for students to learn about the latest research, innovative practices, and current trends in population health. Students can network with professionals in the field – including healthcare executives, researchers, and policymakers, -- gaining valuable insights into potential career paths and the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare today. This year we are excited to host the conference here in Lexington which makes it easy for students to participate. Common conference themes include the importance of collaborative approaches to healthcare management and the need for innovation and creative thinking to achieve transformational outcomes in healthcare.

How can you participate? Students are encouraged to submit a poster abstract for a chance to present posters, and to attend the conference to engage in meaningful conversations with professionals, exchange ideas, and learn about the real-world challenges and successes of healthcare management.

Our Efforts

Directed by Dr. John Lyons, the leadership team at the Center for Innovation in Population Health (IPH Center) is committed to the future success of our students at the University and after graduation. The IPH Center is generously making this exceptional experience available to all students by providing an exclusive discount rate to encourage all to attend and participate.

Are You Ready: Register Now!


If you have any questions about registration, please connect with us at

We hope to see you all at the 2023 TCOM Conference.