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You're invited to the CHRISP Seminar workshop “Thinking Like A Network Scientist" on Friday, March 3rd at 9am-11am in the Healthy Kentucky Resource Building (Room 110). This specific workshop will have you thinking like a network scientist.

The CHRISP seminar presenter is Danielle Varda, PhD, Associate Professor and Co-Director, Center on Network Science at the University of Colorado Denver in the School of Public Affairs and CEO of Visible Network Labs.

The goal of these workshops is to offer introductory sessions on techniques and methods that are useful in Health Services Research and beyond.

The Center for Health Services Research, Implementation Science, and Policy (CHRISP) is a campus-wide research center at the University of Kentucky. CHRISP's mission is to facilitate high-impact research to identify the most effective ways to organize, finance and deliver high-quality health care. 

Their vision is to serve as a focal point across the UK campus for health services research, bringing together faculty, staff, students and trainees from across disciplines and colleges to advance the science of health and healthcare delivery.

Presentation Abstract:

COVID made us all “network scientists” overnight. We quickly needed to think about who we should connect to, the costs and benefits of those interactions, and we collectively built network strategies to improve our population’s health.

This shift to a population of systems thinkers has presented a unique opportunity to advance the field of how we measure, track, and learn about how our social connections impact our individual and systems outcomes.

We will discuss how population and community health efforts from across the world are using network science and CPRMs to track their growing and ever-changing ecosystems. We will demonstrate findings, outcomes, and examples of translating that data into practice.

  • Learn about network science theories, methods, and key terms
  • Understand why one-time evaluations of networks often fall short
  • Discover how to apply a methodology to collection data that represents the dynamic and ever-changing network of network interventions
  • Take away next steps for developing a network strategy you can implement today

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Danielle Varda, CEO Visible Network Labs and Associate Professor at the University of CO Denver, will introduce the audience to the concept of network science and how to translate these concepts into everyday practices and long-term strategies for more efficient and effective collaborative outcomes.

As the Director of the Center on Network Science at UCD, a published researcher, and the developer of tools, methods, and technologies to support nonprofit and public sector organizations, she brings both a research and practice lens to the work.

She has worked with foundations, government agencies, and nonprofits throughout the country to build their capacity to create strategies and action steps for better network outcomes.

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