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Dr. Teresa M. Waters was recently reappointed as Chair of the Department of Health, Management, and Policy (HMP) academic department at the University of Kentucky's College of Public Health.

A health economist, Dr. Water's research focuses on health care financing and health policy. Dr. Waters is specifically interested in innovations in health care delivery and payment, and has several funded research projects that focus on the implementation and impact of “value-based payment” polices.

"We are excited to have Dr. Waters be reappointed as Chair of our Health, Management, and Policy department," says Dr. Donna Arnett, Dean of the University of Kentucky's College of Public Health. "We are looking forward to this department's continuous growth and additional accomplishments in research, academic success, and faculty development under her leadership."

Dr. Waters was appointed in 2017 as full professor with tenure and chair of HMP for four years. Her reappointed as chair, for a second term, is for 4 years.

"I am thrilled to continue serving in this role," says Dr. Theresa Waters. "We have an amazing group of faculty, staff, and students who are wonderful to work with."

Dr. Waters joined the UK College of Public Health in December 2017. Prior to joining UK, she served as Professor and Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine in the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC-Memphis). She was a faculty member at UTHSC for 18 years.