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a profile photograph of Olga A. Vsevolozhskaya
Research Facility #1, Room 203C

Dr. Olga Vsevolozhskaya is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics. Prior to joining the faculty, she held a postdoctoral fellow position at Michigan State University, where she worked on statistical issues associated with the epidemiology of drug abuse and genetic susceptibility to human health conditions. Her research focused on the development of statistical methods for characterizing interactions between risk factors associated with transition to drug dependence and on statistical genetics approaches for finding heritable components of health-related human traits. Dr. Vsevolozhskaya’s work focuses on functional data analysis, which uses curves to summarize information over continuously varying variables, such as time or distance. The techniques for functional data analysis that she has been working with are applicable to a wide variety of studies and types of data, including those found in epigenetic and drug abuse research.


  • PhD, Statistics
    • Montana State University
  • MS, Statistics
    • Montana State University
  • MS, Mathematics
    • Pittsburgh State University
  • BS, Mathematics
    • Voronezh State University

Research Interests

  • Functional data analysis
  • Epigenetic and drug abuse research
  • Epidemiology