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CATalyst magazine recognizes public health champions impacting Kentucky and beyond

March 21, 2022

At the University of Kentucky’s College of Public Health, our “health champions” make a significant impact in Kentucky and beyond.


The newest edition of CATalyst, the spring 2022 Edition, showcases the successes of those champions — students, alumni, professors, faculty, researchers, community, partners, and more.


“Our health champions are no longer behind the scenes, they are visible and are leading the charge in impacting the health of everyone in Kentucky and beyond,” says Donna Arnett, dean of the College of Public Health. “This magazine is a snapshot of our community’s best success stories, but it’s only part of our story. This is just the beginning. As we look forward, we believe the best is yet to come.”


Our champions make an impact in a variety of ways and the stories show the impact through multiple categories: academics & student excellence; robust research; service to public health; collaboration & partnerships; community impact; and career & alumni success.


“After reading our success stories in this issue of CATalyst, you will clearly see these impact categories represented in our amazing faculty, students, alumni, board members and other partners, and so much more,” adds Dean Arnett.


These success stories include:



For those who would like to receive a copy, contact Christopher Carney, Director of Marketing and Communications at or write to UK College of Public Health, 111 Washington Avenue, Suite 113, Lexington, KY 40536.


ISSUU's electronic version is available here.