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The University of Kentucky College of Public Health (CPH) invites all CPH students, faculty, and staff, along with friends and family, to the Public Health Halloween: History and Prevention event on Thursday, October 27th from 10am - 3pm (stop by anytime) at the Research Building #1 building on campus.

Since the pump handle story of John Snow, a historical figure in epidemiology who provided one of the earliest examples of using epidemiologic methods to identify risk for cholera and recommend preventive action, we have witnessed many spooky public health events.

These historical events, situations, and circumstances have impacted populations of people all over the world. As a result, our commitment to learning from them and doing our part to prevent disease, prolong life, and promote health for everyone has never been more paramount.

Grab your passport as you embark on a fun, educational, and historical public health journey with some of our departments and units, which includes:

  • Lack of Healthcare Access (HMP Department) Room 105
  • Fall Film Fest (SEAS Office) Room 120
  • Indoor Air Quality Can Be Downright Scary! (EEH Department) Room 214
  • Mental Health is Nothing to be Scared Of (IPH Center)
  • COVID (HBS Department) Room 102
  • Calling BS on Spooky Statistics (BST Department) Room 215
  • Drug Overdoses, Fires, and Vaping (KIPRC) Room 113

In addition, vote for best costume, decoration, and public health concept; dress up with your favorite costume; eat some yummy food and snack on some delicious candy, and leave with more historical public health knowledge, useful prevention methods, and what we all can do to make our communities healthier going forward!