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Communities Actively Researching Exposure Study

The Communities Actively Researching Exposure Study (CARES) is a community engaged research study with the goal of addressing the community question “Does Air Pollution Affect Child Health?”

CARES Overview

Study Objectives | Characterize exposure to air pollution and examine the effects on childhood neurodevelopment and other health outcomes.

Geographic Areas | Appalachian, Ohio and Southeast Chicago, Illinois.

Participants | More than 500 children recruited between the ages of 7 and 9 years and their primary caregivers.

Study Measures | Environmental measures (home dust and soil; stationary and personal PM 2.5), biological markers (blood, hair, toenails, urine, teeth), neurocognitive, behavioral, and neuromotor tests, blood pressure, height, weight, questionnaire data, etc.

Community Partners | Each participating community has an active community advisory board.

Principal Investigator | Dr. Erin Haynes.

Funding | National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

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Research Findings

CARES study finds that the Marietta area population was at times exposed to Mn levels that exceeded US EPA guidelines.

Chicago Community

Hacen estudio de la exposición de los niños del lado sureste a los contaminantes.

Chicago Community

CARES is expanding to Southeast Chicago!